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Our aims

We aim to stimulate imagination through engaging children in creative play, unlocking a brand new world of open-ended discovery in which children can thrive and families can flourish.

We aim to inspire families to get more involved in creative and cultural activities, and to celebrate and delight in their local environment, heritage and locality.

teacher and girl

Our mission

We engage young children and their parents/caregivers through an enjoyable, lively, stimulating and diverse programme of high quality participatory arts, creative learning and outdoor play activities, enriching lives, building confidence and self-esteem and helping individuals to fulfil their potential whilst combating barriers to taking part in the arts, be they economic, social, cultural or access.

At the heart of our work lies a firm belief in the importance of nurturing children’s innate creative potential from the earliest point and the critical role of families in supporting their children’s play.

It was upon this guiding principle that The Carousel Project was founded in 2011.

By inviting a group of local artists specialising in a variety of cross-discipline art forms; animation, dance, music, printmaking and visual arts, to embark upon an explorative and experimental project to pilot the work and finalise the core offer, The Carousel Project was born.

The learning gained from this experience was applied to the relevant and innovative portfolio of work since 2011, having a positive and lasting impact on over 300 families across Devon.  Please see our portfolio.

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