About The Carousel project:

“The Carousel Project in all its activities is underpinned by the belief that early years children deserve top quality creative arts opportunities and engagement. This is evident in the thoroughness with which they approach their projects and workshops and the professionalism of their artist-practitioners. The Carousel Project makes Devon a much richer county for families with young children to live in and grow.” Catherine Cartwright, Director, Double Elephant Print Workshop

Work in Libraries…

“We LOVED the library sessions, the combination of drawing, music, story telling and outdoor adventures was perfect for Heather (especially getting muddy outside) and I really loved the setting and meeting some of the other parents. The big sheets of paper were a new idea for us and by the end I think Heather had really got the hang of it and came running over to grab some charcoal each week. It was lovely being able to drop in and out, I really like that your activities are so relaxed, theres no pressure if the little ones wander off to look at something else and then come back when they feel like it.” Amy and Heather (aged 20 months), participants at our Library sessions, Winter 2014

“Thank you very much for the library sessions which we have been attending for the last two terms. When me and my son, Zachary, first started going along he was shy and nervous and didn’t want to get involved. However, over the weeks he has grown to love the group and recently he’s often been the first to join in, doing actions, building towers and running around. He’d also sit quietly and listen to the story. It’s great to see how much he’s developed in confidence since attending the group. We really appreciate all your hard work and imagination – we will certainly miss the group this coming term.” Helen and Zachary (aged 2), participants at our Library Sessions, Winter 2014

Work in Schools…

“The children absolutely loved it – they really enjoyed it. I thought it was incredibly practical, so it was fantastic for the age group and I thought the mixture of the movement combined with them using the things they created within the movement, was just superb.”  Dave Killoran, Assistant Headteacher (The Children’s Learning Partnership, Wynstream Primary and Chestnut Nursery School)

Work in Children’s Centres…

“The new jobs of the future haven’t been invented so what we need to create are really creative people. Children of today need to be forward thinking and able to invent new things and I think that’s something that the project’s really given us experience of.” Katharine Pringle, Nursery Lead, West Exe Children’s Centre

“We are really excited by our working partnership with Carousel; it will offer families in our areas, particularly the more rural ones the chance to access fantastic opportunities in art, craft, music and dance, on their doorstep. The project is aimed at the under 5’s and will provide creative ideas and activities for them to explore, by bringing them alive through a hands-on experience. It is important to nurture a creative environment from an early age and offer new and varied experiences for our children to enjoy.” Mandy Lane, Operational Lead at Clyst Vale, Ottery and Sidmouth Children’s Centre

“I really liked making the roundhouse activity as it encouraged the children to work as a group and was accessible to every age group in the way that it encouraged imaginative play and appealed to the children’s desire to create a personal space.” K.L, Children’s Centre worker involved with our 2014 Local Stories Project (Honiton & Axe Valley Children’s Centre)

“I loved the clay modelling and how the children could learn the history behind the Local Stories theme while playing and talking about what they were making. There were lots of speech and language opportunities. The whole session was well planned and thought out” A.C – Children’s center worker involved with our 2014 Local Stories Project, (Honiton & Axe Valley Children’s Centre)

Work at Dad’s Groups…

“Good opportunity to not only bond with my daughter in a relaxed and fun environment, but discuss parenting with other dads and get to know people.”  Father and Daughter at Dad’s Group, Broadclyst, Summer 2014

“Actually gives me as a Dad more time to bond with my daughter and actually have more quality time with my daughter as well as meeting other dads.” Father and Daughter at Dad’s Group, Broadclyst, Summer 2014

“Very glad I came. Grand daughter as well as myself enjoyed it. About time fathers and grandfathers get more involved. We will definately come again.” Grandfather and Grandaughter at Dad’s Group, Broadclyst, Summer 2014


“It’ s a fantastic opportunity to work with the early years community… The beauty of the Devon Carousel Project is that you can, generally work with children and parents over a period of time and get to know them. So you can introduce things that don’t just have an end result. The process is as important as the outcome often…To install that confidence in that child at that age and to respect their world that they’re creating something has huge significance for them and the sense that a scribble isn’t just a scribble, it has huge value. That I find fascinating.” Tamsin Pender, Carousel Founding Visual Artist

“The opportunity to collaborate has been one of the most interesting things about the project. Some of the most interesting pieces of work has been where the ownership has been shared. We’re almost creating a model of collaboration between children, between children and their parents and carers, and between artists. It all leads to creating much more exciting opportunities for creating things you wouldn’t of thought of.” Tamsin Pender, Carousel Founding Visual Artist

“The best thing is working with parents and their children. Just seeing the interaction between a parent and their child and just seeing how it helps them to relate to one another.” Simon Ripley, Double Elephant Print Workshop